AC_MTL: Thursday May 15th with Diana M & Gabe Knox!

LJ May15th!

Join us for a Toronto Special Edition of Loose Joints as Midnight Static’s Gabe and Diana explore the physics of zero-gravity sex while soaring through the cosmos in disco coffins. Cosmic Disco and Italo, Sex and Sci-Fi. Guaranteed fun times. 5 Bucks!

***We’ll have a new limited batch of Loose Joints shirts with revised typography available for the diplomatic sum of 10 dollars (half the batch in gold ink, half in turquoise) plus a new batch of Attitude City mixes, to be posted here a week following. NOT TO MENTION another batch of free disco vinyl, courtesy of the waxy saints at Nice Music. Holla!

Attitude City Presents Loose Joints TO Throwdown

with Diana M & Gabe Knox (Midnight Static, Toronto)
David Shaw (Attitude City, Montreal)
Thursday, May 15th
Zoobizarre 638 St Hubert @Beaubien
10pm till 3AM $5

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